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  • Efficiency: Our software can help you to improve the efficiency of your IVF lab by automating many of the tasks involved in the process. This can free up your embryologists to focus on more complex procedures and improve the quality of care that you can provide to your patients.
  • Safety: Our software includes features that can help to prevent errors and ensure patient safety. For example, our e-witnessing system electronically records all steps of the IVF process, providing a complete audit trail that can be used to investigate any potential problems.
  • Compliance: Our software is designed to comply with all relevant regulations. This can help you to avoid costly fines and ensure that you are providing the highest quality care to your patients.
  • Innovation: We are constantly innovating and adding new features and functionality to our software. This means that you can be confident that you are always using the latest and most advanced software available.

Why Choose Curis!

IVF / Fertility Software

Born from the hope of tiny fingerprints on a sonogram screen, our IVF software doesn’t just manage data, it manages miracles.

In the delicate orchestration of hope and science, our all-encompassing IVF and fertility software transcends mere data management. Our IVF software Comply all ART guidelines. Help’s to manage IVF lab activities more efficiently.

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Hitting the inception in 2021, Scitus Healthcare has exemplified world-class innovation at healthcare services including digital marketing, web, mobile and custom enterprise development apps.

CURIS E-Witness

Curis E-Witness is a cloud-based and License based IVF software for clinics & hospitals to manage the lab activities more efficiently.

It offers a very user-friendly interface. Now doctors need not be computer experts to manage their health care centers, they can only concentrate on treating patients. This software has made medicine practice easy. Curis E-Witness a comprehensive IVF software can be integrate with any other software.


  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing software and website.

  • 24*7 Booking anytime anywhere

  • Organize your schedule better

  • Reduce workload of staff

  • Improves patient satisfaction



  • Easy way for customers to provide feedback (web, mobile, social, email invites, and QR-code)
  • Real-time email notification of unhappy customer
  • Get in-depth real-time reports with graphs, and analysis. Click through, filter and save reports.
  • Tag your Responses, Add Tasks for team to take action and close the feedback loop.



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Other services

We are a TEAM of 15+ years of experience in Healthcare Domain. We offer end-to-end IT solutions Simplify and streamline healthcare operations, Improves operational efficiency and cost effectiveness, Reduce medical errors and enhance quality care.

Online Reputation Management

Build Credibility, Establish Your Brand Image & Expand Your Market


Low risk, Targeted Traffic, Flexibility, High ROI, Low cost of start-up


Better traction on social media, Audience will trust you.

IT Infastructure Management

Advisory & Consulting Services, IT Server Management

Our Healthcare Product

Curis is a cloud-based healthcare software for doctors, clinics, hospitals, diagnostics and pharmacies with highly responsive features to automate your day to day operations.

Curis Hospital Management software offers a very user-friendly interface. Now doctors need not be computer experts to manage their health care centers, they can only concentrate on treating patients. This software has made medicine practice easy.

This online hospital management system offers Appointments, Registration, Billing, Reports, Dashboard, Inventory, Pharmacy, Laboratory, send SMS reminders and all such task well. It facilitates to send the electronic prescription, X-rays, reports.

Curis provides access to medical records of patients through portal and mobile apps.

Why Choose Curis!

Clinic Information Management System

Hospital Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management System

Radiology Information Management System

Fertility Clinic Informations Management System

Ophthalmology Clinic Information Management System


“We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to FMCIII Incubation Center, team for their invaluable guidance and support in helping us developed our IVF Curis software.

Their expertise and insights were critical in helping us build a high-quality solution that meets the needs of the healthcare industry. Throughout the development process, they provided us the expert guidance and support in developing our software.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Chandrashekhar Talathi for his exceptional guidance and mentorship. His insights and knowledge were instrumental in helping us navigate the challenges of developing a complex software solution.
We would also like to thank Mr. Pradeep Patil and Mr. Ramesh Sutar for their unwavering support and dedication. Their contributions and assistance were critical in helping us overcome any obstacles we encountered during the development process. Because of FMCIII We were able to deliver a robust and scalable software solution in healthcare industry. We are grateful for their contribution and look forward for the continuous support in the future.

Thank you FMCIII TEAM for your support and guidance throughout the project!!